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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a new hour >> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. right now on sunrise, areas of fog are reducing visibility all over central florida. when the dense fog advisory ends, and how warm we' ll be later today. sen. clinton: so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa. jason: breaking news, hillary clinton takes iowa. the narrow victory announced by nbc just hours ago. michelle: and republicans choose ted cruz, donald trump' s reaction.
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overnight in brevard county. the damage, after an out of control vehicle was sent flying into a driveway, steps from the home. michelle: we start with that thick fog for your morning commute. good morning, i' m michelle imperato. jason: i' m jason guy. you' re looking at the 417. you can' t really make out the road. let' s get over to first alert meteorologist amy sweezey. how long will the fog be with us? amy: several more hours. even after sunrise, in about an hour. it will take several hours for the fog to live. it will be great and gloomy for several hours today. once we get to lunchtime, it will start to break apart. it won' t take long for our temperatures to climb. easily climb to our lower 80' s. fog advisory in effect for every county in central florida until 10:00 a.m. look at the visibility numbers.
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quarter-mile, even less than that in some spots. every location. reduced visibility everywhere. allow yourself some extra time. maybe it will just be some haze. but then you may drive a little ways and run into fog again. we are at 65 in orlando. it is a warm start. it will be a warm afternoon. 83 in eustis. 84 in orlando and winter park. lower 80' s to this out. let' s look on the road now -- with ted. ted: on the 417, you can barely even see where northbound and southbound are. a lot of the 417, sick, dense
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the busiest span on the right side, downtown orlando. no delays from john young to colonial right now. usually, this side of the bridge , well, you can' t even see it this morning. michelle: happening today, some parents will learn more about threats made against their children' s school. jason: maitland middle school sent out two alerts yesterday. alex villareal is live, alex do we know what set off the concerns? what are you learning? alex: the school has been really vague about this up to this point. the principles set -- the principal sent out an alert saying that students were not acting appropriately on campus. she said yesterday that threats and been made on social media.
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she said she immediately reported the threats to maitland police. both police and cap security were -- and security were on campus yesterday. tonight' s meeting will address the concern of parents. he says the school is not the only place responsible for keeping kids safe. >> just for safety measures, a principal has to do due diligence. when we have kids in our communities, we know that it is our responsibility, as outrage, to see how we can diffuse things. -- as outr each, to see how we can diffuse things.
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students cannot wear hats and must turn cell phones off. that is the rule at the school. at tonight' s pta meeting, they will address current concerns. it comes after a staff meeting on the threats at 6:00. if you know anything about these threats that have been made, or any students involved, you' re asked who will -- to call the school. jason: breaking news, hillary clinton is the apparent winner of iowa. nbc made the call just a couple of hours ago, a razor thin margin separates clinton and bernie sanders. michelle: senator ted cruz took the republican side, donald trump landed in second place, just barely ahead of florida senator marco rubio. rubio' s 23% was the surprise showing of the night. iowa delivered some of the closest races we' ve seen. jason: wesh 2'
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was there as voters were still making up their minds. adrian: coming into the iowa caucus zero hour, some people did not know who to vote for. >> i will see what tonight brings. >> i think they have some experience behind them, and handle issues. they have a viewpoint that the country needs. adrian: marco rubio, stumping for himself. sen. rubio: we must talk about what comes next after barack obama. adrian: some people have their minds made up. ready to support hillary clinton or bernie sanders.
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adrian: what it is not that cut and dry. a very close race. >> bernie is not going to get you there. >> i think her express matters. adrian: no matter what, i once made their voices heard. -- iowans made a voices heard. >> i think this will bring good things in our future. adrian: it looks like it could be anyone' s game, a very close race on the democrats side between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. and on the republican side, ted cruz winning iowa, donald trump and second and marco rubio not far behind in third. the candidates had to new hampshire for the next step in this 2016 election.
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jason: and if you want updates on the iowa caucus and everything else in commitment 2016, then be sure to head to or use the wesh 2 mobile app. brett: good morning, everyone. we have an ugly crash in cocoa beach. these first responders standing in front of a home. the driver went through a fence, sending a smaller vehicle into the yard. this vehicle was hit by another driver. ucd airbags the floyd. heavy damage in the exterior. this happened early this morning. the collision woke a young family inside. smashed into this vehicle. treatment. driveway and hit, but had only minimal damage. for dui.
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has a lot of people talking. police are now asking whether more children suffered abuse at the hands of the woman in this graphic video. the clermont daycare worker is still in jail this morning. jazmin walker is here. jazmin, another mother has come forward with concerns. jazmin: michelle, she has. she sends her children to the daycare palace. she says her son has come home sometimes with unexplained bruises. a busted lip, a bruise on his head. kimberly reid is said to be abusing a four-year-old child in this video. and a child is out what he really thought about the school. >>' s answer is that he liked the school, he has friends, but that is teacher hit him and spent him.
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much i pay, that they are treating the children this way. it is despicable. jazmin: she is urging other parents to sit down with their kids and have a talk. kimberly reid is now in the lake county jail with no bond, charged with child abuse. she is also facing charges for food stamp fraud and grand theft. jason: we want to take you live to rand paul day -- groundhog day. once will appear in about an hour to see or not see his shadow. phil has been wrong 15 times and write 13 times in the last 28 years. michelle: we are definitely feeling more like spring here in central florida.
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amy: it will not feel like for a second. instead, we will be well above our average. will be in the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. we will get some sunshine, too. visibility all over central florida is down to a half-mile. even a 10th of a mile in some instances. we have a dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. all the attractions, visibility at a quarter of a mile, less than half a mile for sure. same thing on the turnpike in osceola county. flagler county, also reduced visibility, half-mile or less. the volusia county, half-mile. daytona, less than that. same thing in brevard county. the place. is even less than a quarter of a
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once we are past 10:00, little sunshine, and climb. will top out in the 80' s today. in a few minutes. ted: here is a live picture, just what you' re saying about the fog. little visibility on the 417, just north of the 528 area. keep the low beams on. if you think the high beams distraction. let' s look at the d.o.t. camera. things looking mostly good, john young to colonial five or six minutes. the 408 westbound, dean road toll plaza to i-4, a short nine
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michelle: him right now on sunrise, watch out for that fog. using dense fog everywhere in central florida. -- we are seeing dense fog
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we will check weather and traffic in just a minute. jason: today, parents of students and maintenance -- in maitland middle school will meet with staff. michelle: and breaking news, hillary clinton wins iowa. clinton barely beat out bernie sanders. on the republican side, ted cruz gets an unexpected win, eating donald trump by 4%. marco rubio has a close third, way outperforming the polls. so which candidates really when with momentum, which really need to win in new hampshire? jason: let' s start with the republicans. you may not have had any sleep. what do last night' s results reveal? >> i think the big news out of
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underperformed. seven polls had him winning. what it suggests is that it is easier for somebody to tell a culture they support donald trump that it is for them to action get out and caucus. that has applications down the road. the other big deal is the antiestablishment vote. people in the establishment are not fond of ted cruz. between him, down, and ben carson, six out of 10 voters went against his ouster. -- against the establishment. jason: and hillary clinton had a very tight win. >> she won by such a narrow margin. that to a self-declared socialist from vermont.
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let me remind you, this is 1% of the delegates. if this was a football game, we would be in the first quarter without 14 and a half minutes to play. jason: thank you. with continuing commitment 2016 -- we are continuing commitment 2016 coverage today. michelle: florida' s lawmakers are one step closer today to passing four new bills concerning guns. a law that would allow students and visitors to carry guns on public college and university campuses. it sailed through a committee vote thursday, and will head to the full house in january. if you' re a season ticket holder to any florida sports team, changes could be on the way. a house subcommittee will debate a bill today, which would allow you to sell your tickets to whomever you want. some teams have tried to limit season ticket holders, and brokers, from reselling the majority of their tickets. this bill would stop those
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jason: maybe it means some cheap seats for us. the ntsb is hoping to make the legal blood alcohol level lower. they' re asking states to lower the legal limit from .08 to .05. they say it' s a way reduce alcohol-related road accidents. in the last 15-years, one-third of all highway deaths involved alcohol. michelle: 6:18 a.m. now. you' ll deftly noticed the fog out there during the commute. amy: it is not just a few packets out there. it is all over the place. this is one particular shop. the can' t even tell what is going on there because the fog is so strong. getting the kids to school, just be careful, allow yourself some extra time. this will continue for several hours. at sunrise happens in one hour.
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temperatures will be mild, upper 50' s and lower 60' s. you probably do not need a jacket on the kids at the bus. here' s advisory, for all of central florida, until 10:00 this morning. it is pretty widespread and dense, meaning that some of our visibility is down to a quarter of a mile or less. if you look at the map, you can see all over the place, three quarters of a mile in ocala, half a mile in daytona beach. a quarter of a mile at the airport in sanford and oia. a lot of low cloudiness to start the day. temperatures will not change much. that fog acts as a blanket, keeping our temperatures from dropping too much. it is 65 in ocala, 57 in the villages. we are at 65 if you' re heading out now in orlando. wind is out of the southeast today.
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it will be even warmer this afternoon than yesterday. we' ll hit 82 in salt springs. 84 today in clermont. 84 in st. cloud. s, s. about a degree or two warmer than yesterday. i heard people complaining about how warm it was yesterday, saying you need the ac in front of the heat. -- instead of the heat. and then comes our next cold front, bringing on some colder air. late tomorrow night, into thursday, i expect these showers and storms to arrive. behind the front, the cooler air will start filtering in. once you get to friday, our high temperatures will only be in the middle 60' s. watch the temperatures drop on friday. into the weekend, still a slight chance of some rain.
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the weekend will not be a total washout. let' s get a traffic update now. heading over to ted noah. ted: you want to add a little extra time for your commute because of the poor visibility. this is just west of 434, before 436 at altamonte springs. it tends to get busy in the 6:00 hour. eastbound is on the right. still looking pretty good going into downtown orlando right now. a crash on the central florida parkway, a little bit used a obt. it is blocking a lame. you can always use violence to get around that crash. starting at john young and ending a colonial will cost you five minutes if you leave right now. jason: a super bowl sneak peak. we' ll take a look at some of the
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michelle: i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful
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small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure.
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a clumsy crook falling. you see the man walk around for a while, before stacking plastic containers he hopes to climb on to get into a locked office. but that doesn' t work, as he goes down. and eventually is able to get up and over, but he doesn' t take anything, and just runs out the business before police can catch not so smooth. this morning, we' look at some of the most year. michelle: brett connolly is here with the super bowl teasers. good morning. brett: so many people are watching for the commercials. we have three to show you. we start up with this one from heinz. wiener dogs are running through a field. and then you have this little guy in the catch a packet.
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catch up -- ketchup packet. we have so many of my favorite ads at the super bowl. betty white. and then there is this, with what appears to be marilyn monro serenading the super bowl on its 50th birthday. snickers says the ad will feature a funny surprise that will satisfy fans hungry for a laugh. it has been 16 years since mountain dew has been in a super bowl ad. this is a baby that they have blended with some type of creature. we' re not sure what that is, a monkey, and alien, or something else. they sent that out on twitter. obviously, companies have spent so much time and thought of what they' re going to do. the price tag is here for 32nd
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-- 32nd -- 30-second spotify billy dollars. michelle: a big announcement overnight from iowa.
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live look son that -- >> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, a dense fog advisory for most of central florida. which areas are seeing the worst of it. the impact on your morning commute. jason: and breaking news, a very close victory for heller clinton. ted cruz wins the gop contest. michelle: and parents waiting for answers this morning that maitland middle school. only when one you about the fog as you head out the door and. -- as you head out the door this
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ted: i have to warn you about an accident. amy: our dense fog advisory does not expire until 10:00. that is a lot of hours from now. normally, we see the advisory go away as soon as we get some sun. that is in 45 minutes. but we will see it stick around for quite a while. you see him one of our cameras here, it is very gloomy out there. even if you can see ok on the road, with about that layer of cloudiness blocking out the buildings. it will be a great start. once we get to 10:00, and the fog begins to lift, we start to heat up a little bit. then we will see a little bit of will we will make it into the upper s today. like yesterday, it will be another above average day. every county in central florida is under advisory today. our visibility is down to three
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have a mile, a quarter of a mile, even less than that. it is very widespread. temperatures ranging from 55 in ocala to 65 in orlando. it is 62 in daytona beach. we will get a little bit of sunshine after 10:00. we will climbed to 70 in daytona beach today. 84 in orlando. i will talk more about how long this warm weather will last in a s get back to ted noah for a traffic update. ted: fhp is working on a near obt. there is a lane blocked with that one. let' s check our live d.o.t. camera here. this is just west on 434. not very good visibility. keep low beams on even after sunrise this morning.
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eastbound into downtown orlando, getting busy, but no major delays just yet. the four-way on the westbound side, getting a little -- the 408 on the western side, getting a little busier. jason: when he went to bed, the democratic contest and i was too close to call. this morning, nbc news is declaring it a clinton the winner. michelle: take a look at these results. hillary clinton just barely ahead. jason: ted cruz one on the republican side. donald trump second. a strong night for marco rubio, taking the third spot. michelle: nikole killion is in washington to break down all of the results. nikole: hillary clinton pickup sanders according to iowa' s democratic party. it was the closest race in market history.
6:31 am
i stand here tonight, breathing a big sign of relief, thank you, i will. sen. sanders: the people of iowa has sent a very profound message to the political establishment. it as a win. clear-cut. trump. for courageous conservatives across iowa, and all across this great nation. nikole: as the candidates move on to new hampshire today, other candidates are calling it quits, including a democrat, martin o' malley. and republican mike huckabee. jason: and here at 6:35 a.m., you can get all of our commitment 2016 coverage coming up on our website. at 7:00, the today show takes
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iowa, and looking ahead in new hampshire to the next contest. michelle: probably today, parents get a chance to talk about threats at maitland middle school. alex villarreal is live in maitland today. alex, how is the school keeping these students save? alex: officials are taking this seriously, but the scary thing for parents is that the principle is not fitted exactly what these threats or. there will be a meeting tonight for parents. it will address their concerns. it will also answer some questions. the principle sent to automated calls out to parents. one on friday. one yesterday. she says the school knows the students who have been acting inappropriately and causing the disruption. officials are monitoring social media. take a listen. >> over the weekend, i was made
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media, and immediately reported them to the maitland police department. they' re working with other agencies, as well as police. social media has been monitored quite a bit. i' ve spoken with many of you individually, as well. alex: that was the principle, -- principal' s message to parents. the principal said that students much -- must turn our cell phones off on campus. they' re not allowed to wear hats, bandannas, or headphones. tonight' s pta meeting is at 7:00. it follows a staff meeting at 6:00. we' ll be following all of this for you, and bring you updates on air and on the web. jason: thank you. in ocala, security will also be
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10 uniformed police officers, plus the school resource officer were on campus monday. investigators say the alleged threats surfaced on facebook. while the district says the rumors weren' t credible, the security was added as a precaution. a deland high school student was hospitalized for mental health issues after he allegedly made threats to shoot up the school. investigators say the ninth grader talked to friends last week about possible violence today and as a precaution extra michelle: new this morning, we' re getting a look at a clerk fighting back against a man who tried to rob his gas station. jazmin walker joins us with the video. jazmin: we saw this remarkable video overnight. the would-be robber walks up to the store with a bandanna. he demands the clark hand over some cash. the clark appears to be -- the be playing
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the military veteran tackles the suspect to the ground. knocking almost everything off the counter. the clerk gave him a couple of right jabs. he is then begging to be let go. the clerk then chases him out the door. the suspect had an air soft gun. that might be why he ran. he got into a maroon, four-door car. if you have any information on who he is, call the brevard s office. michelle: students at one brevard county high school are mourning the loss of one of their teachers. the woman was killed along with her estranged husband in what is being called a suspicious death they said they' for any suspects. sandra cook was denied a
6:36 am
but obvious -- advocates tell if there are number of reasons that could happen. >> often times these injunctions get denied not because the judge makes a mistake, but because the information isn' t complete and accurate in them. michelle: brevard county' s superintendent calls sandra cook one of the finest people who walked the school halls. jason: just into the newsroom, a silver alert for this man. he was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt, jeans, and a fishing hat. he may be driving a silver toyota camry. if you spot them, call police. covering seminole county, the suspect in a shootout with sanford police will answer to a judge on other charges. roshad smith was already out on bond when he was arrested on friday. police say he was pointing a gun at passing cars, then fired at officers. a bystander was caught in the crossfire, but is expected to be o.k.
6:37 am
today on four charges, related to a case in december.
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amy: 64 3 a.m. on your tuesday morning. -- 6:43 a.m. on your tuesday morning. there' s a lot of moisture in the air, you can see it, you can feel it, it is a gloomy way to start the day. we have a dense fog advisory in effect for all of central florida until 10:00. once , we have sunshine today, and are temperatures will go up into the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. it will be even warmer today than yesterday. let' s take a tour around central florida. a little improvement right now in marion county. across sumter and lake, this ability is still down to a
6:39 am
2/10 of a mile around the attractions. polk and osceola county, widespread pockets of this haziness and fog. flagler county. less than a half-mile there. closer to a quarter of a mile in deltona. in brevard county, we also have a half-mile to a quarter-mile of visibility up and down i-95. once the fog lifts, we will end up with some sunshine. don' t up our temperatures line. will be in the upper 70' s and lower 80' s today. we will talk more about the temperatures, and went on a best chance of rain arrives, in just a few minutes. i now, let' s send it back inside to ted noah for a traffic update. ted: there is a overture and google in volusia county.
6:40 am
-- overturned vehicle in volusia county. we are keeping a close eye on it right now. restoring see more increased with the morning drive. a crash lingering on the central florida parkway. reduce visibility for many of us in central florida. this is at us 92 international speedway. not the best. keep your low beams on there. 417, north of 528. jason: million-dollar question. i case about a lottery goes to trial. michelle: a man is suing a woman about breaking a promise over eight winning ticket. brett: if you dream big, be prepared to honor your promises. that is the message from the florida supreme court. ruled that a man' s ex-girlfriend
6:41 am
s agreement to split the winnings if either ever won the lottery. the ticket was purchased in 2007. she won $1 million ended not share it with her ex. he sued. the couple at that point had been together for 16 years. they have since split. the pair its claims that they purchased the winning ticket after dinner one night at a red lobster. according to a lawsuit, he did not find out for weeks that she had won. he said that she disappeared for a month and did not answer his call. after years of litigation and appeals, the court ruled in browning' s favor. at the time of the jackpot, she worked as a teacher. he was an out of work mechanic. they been battling each other in court ever since. in a trial that is expected to last five days, a jury must decide who is telling the truth, and whether the couple had a binding contract, even though
6:42 am
michelle: you have to wonder how much money they have left after these legal fees. new information today, a local jury is that of gotten it wrong when they sent a man to jail. now, and appeals court says there is no way the jury could have convicted of based on the charge, the evidence that they saw. his new charges been lowered to manslaughter. they say he acted on instinct, rather than evil intent. he will go back to court to be resentenced on the new charge. the latest on your top stories coming up next on sunrise. jason: and the today show is following all the development on the campaign trail and what is coming up next. >> coming up on a tuesday just got really interesting. ted cruz pulls out a victory in
6:43 am
and marco rubio in a close third. hillary clinton the event when on the democratic side. topping bernie sanders by the slimmest of margins. this morning, how it all plays out with the next primary just a week away. and a new weapon being released to control the spread of zika. the virus is declared an international emergency. and lauren hutton opens up about
6:44 am
amy: good morning and welcome back. it is 6:52 a.m.. we have reduced visibility. that is going to be the case through 10 a.m. we have a word fog advisory for dense fog advisory also from antwerp until 10:00 a.m. records while at cocoa beach. still some grayness and gloominess to start our day. allow yourself a little bit of extra time. it is in a lot of places.
6:45 am
57 right now in palm coast. 59 in the villages. orlando is at 64. it is another warm start. morning. but with the fogginess, you may want to leave a few minutes early. once we get through the early fog, have a lot of really dry air. that you see on the water vapor. once you make it through the morning, we will have some sunshine today. it will bring our temperatures up warmer than yesterday. yesterday, we were 10 degrees warmer than average. today, we will hit 82 and uses. 82 in deltona. 84 today in orlando. 70 in daytona beach. 82 in palm bay.
6:46 am
tomorrow, a cold front will slide in. that will bring us our next best chance for rain. the fog rolls through on thursday. it will bring some showers and storms. on friday, much cooler air. mid 60' s on friday, after getting to the 80' s today. over the weekend, a cold front and more rain across the area. it is now 6:54 a.m. and time for traffic update. vehicle crash. what you' re looking at here on eastbound. on this side of the screen, westbound. this may be a mixture of we do not know all the details what i can tell you is that on the used -- on these front side, a partial log. -- block. it is a slow drive.
6:47 am
not the best here. this is longwood at state road 434. the florida highway patrol is saying to lanes block. the saxon crash, and then this one. jason: thank you, ted. a look at the big stories. parents are waiting to learn more about threats against local schools. michelle: three local schools have been seeing extra security because of threats. parents at maitland will get to meet with police officers about steps being taken there. there also threats in marion and volusia county' s yesterday. jason: police believe alcohol played a role in a crash yesterday. one of the drivers went through the fence of a home. no one inside with her.
6:48 am
caught on camera abusing children at a day care center. she will not face a judge until friday. jason: a silver alert has been reported for charles smallwood.
6:49 am
amy: visibility is down to a quarter-mile in much of central florida. doctors today will climb. we' ll be in the lower 80' s, warmer than yesterday. love the fog lifts, a little bit of sunshine. as you look at the seven-day forecast how miami am still driving rain and storms on thursday. ted: with a on i-4 eastbound blocking to lanes near state route 434. and westbound, going through the saxon area, a crash, as well. jason: that does it for us on this tuesday. of course, you can get local news on cw18. keep in mind, it is groundhog day.
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